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About YAGL

The Youth Artist Guild Lubbock is a student-led theater program that provides a safe space for nurturing up-and-coming artists’ creativity and passion for performing arts. This is done through various avenues including the only student-led theater program in Lubbock. Here, students lead the way and are instrumental in everything from show selection, costumes, make-up, house and hospitality, marketing, stage crew and more. We strive to be inclusive, honorable, and encouraging to all.


Where Students Lead the Way

YAGL members are given the opportunity to run and be elected for what we call the Youth Advisory Board. Each member of this board takes on a specific leadership role within the organization. This group of students are responsible for everything from show selection, marketing, make-up, costumes, lights and sound, and so on. 



It may seem like a lot of responsibility for a child to take on. So, we also have an appointed Mentor Board. Each member of the Youth Advisory Board is paired with a member of the Mentor Board for guidance and supervision in completing their respective tasks. Our goal is to provide opportunities for the students to learn about all aspects involved with community theater. Together, our Youth Advisory Board Members along with their Mentors, take care of everything that needs to happen in order to rehearse, market, and put on a great show. 



Are you thinking about signing up your child for YAGL? Amazing! All you have to do is fill out some paperwork, pay the dues, and you're done! Each child has a questionnaire to be filled out that provides everything from contact information, t-shirt size, and the child’s theater interests. Is your child shy? No worries, we need crew members for every position. Is your child ready for the spotlight? Bring it on. We produce 3 productions a season and your membership is good for the ENTIRE SEASON. There is a place for everyone in YAGL! Membership is open to students ages 8-18 for $45 per season. Season is from September to August. 


Monthly Meetings

Members and visitors alike are invited to check out our monthly meetings. They happen on the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8pm. There, students may do a number of things. They could be learning about various aspects of theater. We often bring in guest instructors to teach specific skills. Sometimes they volunteer or perform a service for the community. Sometimes, we just have a party! All are welcome, and it is a great chance for your child to be involved. 



Are you interested in volunteering and lending a hand? Wonderful! We are always looking for folks to come help out. Don’t worry, we won’t ask too much of you, but we sure could use a hand from time to time. Sign up as a volunteer when you register your child and we’ll let you know when we need an extra set of hands (or two). Fret not, it’s ok to say know if you are unavailable. We understand that everyone has a life. However, it is nice to know we have a few helpers waiting in the wings. 

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